Grab Your Reader's Attention with Great Titles

December 22nd, 2014 by Sue L Canfield

grab your reader's attention with great titlesBefore anyone will read your blog post, you'll need to grab your reader's attention with great titles, or headlines. Try this process:

  1. Write out 10 different titles or headlines for your blog post.
  2. Pick the top three.
  3. Ask for feedback from at least three different people you trust.
  4. Choose the one that seems to grab their attention best. Try it.

Your readers are going to be searching for a solution to a problem. Make sure your title/headline provides a solution to their problem.

What process do you use to create great titles and headlines for your blog posts that grab your reader's attention?

5 Tips for Blog Posts

December 15th, 2014 by Sue L Canfield

five tips for your blog postsSince your blog is your marketing foundation, you want to be sure to follow these five tips for your blog posts:

  1. Create a conversation. To do that ask questions, invite others to write guest posts, respond to reader comments.
  2. Add links to other sites with information relevant to your topic.
  3. Always add an image to your post. I take a lot of my own pictures and create images. People are more likely to read something visually appealing. Then you can also add it to your Pinterest board.
  4. Use an SEO plug in such as Yoast to be sure you're getting good SEO on every blog post.
  5. Share your blog posts on all your social media networks.

Please share your tips in the comments section!

Building Your Email List

December 8th, 2014 by Sue L Canfield

building your email listMany solopreneurs believe that email is "old school" and that no one wants to receive email marketing messages any more. Wrong! Used appropriate it's still a very powerful form of marketing. People who sign up for your email list actually want to hear from you! They chose to be on your list. Which is why it's very important not to add someone to your list without their permission.

Even if you have a solid social media presence, you want to consider having an email list. You do not have 100% control over your social media profiles. If you aren't careful and break a rule at Facebook, they can prevent you from adding new friends, promoting your posts, and can even delete your account.

So start building your list today. I recommend using MailChimp. Their free version will take you a long way.

Your Blog Choice: vs.

December 1st, 2014 by Sue L Canfield

choose wordpress.orgToday’s choice for blogging is WordPress. There are still other blogging platforms you can use. However, WordPress is the best choice in my opinion.

Even then there is a choice to be made. Many people will set up a free account and blog and think that’s enough. I disagree.

The better choice is to use Why? has limitations. And the biggest one is – you can’t sell products on the dot com site. If you’re an author wanting to sell your book from your website, using is not the way to go.

However, you can sell products (your book) using Our sister company, Spinhead Web Design, offers a $300 Ready Set Go Blogging package to get your blog set up. There are a ton of free WordPress Video Tutorials and Transcriptions on the site as well.

What are you waiting for? Go get your blog set up with now!


Cultivate Your Readership with Your Blog

November 28th, 2014 by Sue L Canfield

cultivate your readership with your blogWherever you are in the process as an author (fiction or nonfiction), whether you have published your book or are just beginning to outline it, there are tremendous benefits to having a blog. They include:

  • Regular communication with your readers or prospective readers
  • Establishing a personal connection with readers
  • The opportunity to get feedback from your readers on your ideas, characters, what they want to read next
  • Exposure to media outlets such as online magazines, radio and TV shows, literary agents & publishers
  • Building a mailing list of people looking forward to your book – and your next book! Readers can subscribe to your blog and sign up for your mailing list and be the first to know when your book comes out.

Media outlets, literary agents, and publishers will expect you to have a solid online presence, including a blog. Other opportunities such as getting online interviews and podcast interviews are much more likely when you have an established online presence. That’s not just a blog. A solid social media presence is needed as well.

Your blog is your marketing foundation. From it all the social media stuff, Facebook, Twitter, etc., just comes from what you’ve posted at your blog.

Think of your blog like the trunk of a tree and your social media as the branches coming from that one trunk. The foliage is the result of all your hard work – sales of your book! And to get the best foliage, you must cultivate.

So what do you blog about? You could write about the details of the research you are doing for your book, your character development, any of those milestone moments when you’ve finished another chapter. Include short book excerpts to engage your readers into wanting the whole book.

It’s never too early to start marketing your book. Even if you’re just getting started, NOW is the time to start blogging and cultivating your readership.

If you’d like help with social media, we specialize in helping authors manage their social media presence. Contact Sue now for a consultation.